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May 30, 2021
The Israeli Society for NDT and myself deeply mourns the untimely passing of Prof Mihovski, a dear friend of the society and the entire Nondestructive community.
His sudden death is a great loss for both societies and for us in person.
He was our close friend not just a colleague.
Prof. Mihovski Taught at the university thousands of students and brought them into the amazing world of NDT. He was always ready to help and share his vast knowledge and experience.
I can remember a personal moment when I met him in 1993. At that time, I had to complete my decertation for the Magister degree. I looked for remedies on human reliability issues in Radiography and then he offered me one of his books with precious information. I keep this book carrying his dedication and think in sadness that this wonderful person has gone but his many books, publications, the standards and patents he established will stay with us but more than that his legacy will long live and will be vivid for generations of students to come.
Prof Mihovski was an international scientist, leader of many international educational projects and possessed many prestigious honorary degrees. He was also an honorary member of the Israeli society. It is a small society, much smaller than the others but I know he gave it special importance. I believe there was here a personal touch. Special friendship with the founder of the society, Gabi Shoef. It was more than friendship. It was more like brotherhood that promoted the relations of these 2 societies. It turned professional collaboration to a joyful social event.
The Israeli society will never forget the support given to it since the first vote for having it as a member in the European Federation in 1998, when Prof. Mihovski voted to accept Israel as a member.
These special relations between the two societies will keep going.
The relations will not end because societies are made of people and the warm attitude that was started then will stay among us – the legacy of our friend Mitko.
Dr. Yossi Shoef - ISRANDT President


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